The Communications Division helps departments and units to profile themselves with a professional and general visual look in terms of distinctiveness and harmony with UiB’s graphic profile. In addition, the University of Bergen has various agreements to ensure simple and correct processing aimed at producing doctoral dissertations and business cards.

Need help with design?

Contact the Web and Design Group via UiBhjelp if you need advice on design, image processing and layout.

Framework agreement for graphic services

As a general rule, graphic tasks are carried out through framework agreements with external graphic designers and agencies, who are well acquainted with UiB’s graphic profile and guidelines. UiB currently does not have a framework agreement for graphic services, as this agreement is going to be announced again.

The Communications Division can guide and assist with specifying orders for graphic productions based on UiB’s graphic profile through the framework agreement. Contact us via UiBhjelp.

The Communications Division does not create graphic productions on commission.

Framework Agreements (Press, print and copy)

Press and printing

UiB has a framework agreement for press, printing, and copying services with Make Graphics AS (Norwegian only). Typical services are copying and printing of various types of documents, posters, brochures and materials in large format. Make Graphics is approved as an environmental eco-lighthouse.

Contact Make Graphics: / +47 55 55 30 55.
Contact Ivar Hallem: / +47 982 05 759 for queries / ask for a quote / scedule meetings.


UiB has signed an agreement with Skipnes Trykkeri AS in relation to a web-based order of doctoral dissertations and business cards.

Skipnes Trykkeri AS can also assist with other press and printing services and is committed to using UiB’s graphic profile. Skipnes Trykkeri AS is Swan-certified, eco-lighthouse commercial printing company and is committed to comply with UiB’s environmental requirements.

Contact Skipnes Trykkeri: Support, tel: 982 59 200 from 08:00 to 16:00 Monday–Friday.

Images/Photos (framework agreement photographers and image archive)

In many cases new privacy policies (GDPR) require documented consent for the use of images. For more information, please see this page.

Framework Agreement Photographers

The University of Bergen has signed an agreement pertaining to illustration and portrait photos with the following photographers:

To order photographs, follow the regular purchasing procedures through the procurement system. Contact the person authorised to make procurements for your unit. The persons responsible for procurements have a list of contracts and prices for various services.

You can book portrait photography through the framework agreement (see Images above), or have photos taken in regular photography shops that offer digital passport photographs and the like. Also check to see if there is an internal photography service in your faculty or department.

Image archive


UiB has an agreement with Colourbox that gives all UiB employees and students the opportunity to download and use photos. The images can only be used officially in conjunction with UiB. Students may only use images for non-commercial purposes in a study context. Please contact the Communication Division via UiBhjelp if you wish to use this service.

Photos used in an editorial context must be credited as described here.

More information about photos and motifs can be found here.

Business Cards

You can order business cards through a web-based service offered by Skipnes AS. The cards are produced based on the templates made by UiB. The cards are available both with and without images, and in Norwegian and/or English. You fill in the appropriate information and review the proofs yourself.
Cards are normally delivered within six business days, packed in boxes measuring 50 or 100 pcs.


Once your order is sent, you will receive an order confirmation at the email address you provide in your order. You must forward this to a person responsible for procurement in your department/unit. Please contact the department head if you are uncertain about who is responsible for ordering on your unit. The person responsible for ordering then dispatches the order through UiB’s online purchasing system. The production process will not being until the printing company has received such an order.

Photos for business cards

You will need:

  • A high-quality portrait photo in JPG format
  • 210 x 265 pixeles (width x height)
  • Preferably in colour and with a light background

PhD dissertations

See Avhandlingsportalen

See also PhD education. You can also contact the coordinator of doctoral work at the individual faculty.

Sign Program

There is a sign program for signposting on, inside and outside the University buildings and public facilities. The program is compiled in a manual (Norwegian only), providing a unified, functional and recognisable profile.

Universal design

The University of Bergen aims to meet the criteria for universal design. Universal design is the design of products and surroundings in such a way that they can be used by everyone to the greatest extent possible without any need for customisation or special design.
If you need to set up a sign or want information about signposting, contact the Estate and Facilities Management Division.

Link to the sign manual (Norwegian only).

Letter Templates

Templates for letters, notes etc. can be found in ePhorte and are administered by the Section for Document and Record Management.

Loan of rollups

The Communication Division has a selection of rollups with the UiB profile. These can be borrowed on request.